Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lemon Drop's

Had a christmas cupcake order this past weekend. This is a picture of the Lemon Drop Cupcakes and then I also made Caramel Cup's as well. I personally would much rather sit around on the holidays having cupcakes over cookies any day :)

I have been so far behind this year. Before last night I had only purchased one gift so far. We headed out last night and bought a few more. I still have to bake some cookies (for my preggo sister in law :)) and then start making a bunch of various different chocolates. I will have my hands sooo full for the next couple days. We havent even picked out a present for our 1 year old yet! Yikes. I forced my hubby to bring up the christmas tree this morning even though he doesnt want to put it up this year thinking our son will try climbing it. But since Aiden was so little last year and keeping us so busy we never had the chance to put it up and I can imagine going 2 years without the tree going up soo, thats my goal to do today :) What are your plans for the holidays?


Sophie said...

I love your blog! I just started one of my own: http://vegetarianismisforeverybody.blogspot.com/

I would love if you could add me to your blogroll or support me in some other way.

Thanks :)

Frostedbetty said...

Thank you! Im new to Blogger and have no idea what a blogroll is but I will definately follow your blog!