Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here is the second cake I made for this weekend. A pink Chanel purse cake. I LOVED making this cake! Perhaps because I myself have somewhat of a purse obsession? I was up until 4:00am working on this for its pickup this morning. But I enjoyed every second of it :)

Closeup of the tag

Navy Cake

This is one of the two cakes I made for this weekend. Although this was the first artificial cake I have made. I like how the cake turned out although that could be partially due to the fact that its not pink which seems to be all I am using for colors lately. It was a nice break. It was also interesting using hot glue on a cake, something I have obviously never done before :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Butterfly Cake

Here is some pictures of the order I had for pickup today. It was for Madison's 1st birthday! It seems like all Ive been doing lately is pink cakes :) Not that I'm complaining since it is one of my favorite colors but all of them have had something bad happen in the process of putting them together. I was labeling all pink cakes cursed in my mind. Well this one finally broke the cycle and nothing bad or drastic happened while making it. Thankfully :) The cake was Chocolate and it was covered and filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringe Buttercream.

Closeup of the Cupcakes

Cupcakes all packed up and ready to go!

Group shot! Order ready to go :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


My mother in law stopped by last week. Apparently she had been seeing things every once in awhile that reminded her of me or she thought I might like and had ben starting up a little bag for me. She came by last week and dropped it off for me and these were a few of the goodies inside!

Closeup of the Cupcake Ribbons :)

Closeup of the Cupcake Stamps :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pink Wedding Cake

I am starting to get the feeling that pink cakes are cursed for me. I had a huge filling disaster last night. It was a product of too runny filling. I knew that if I didn't take the entire cake apart clean off all of the filling and start over that it would have turned into one of those bleeding cakes you seen horrific pictures of. Those used to be pretty cakes sitting on a table at the reception that have red filling oozing out from under the fondant icing.. by the end of the reception the entire table is red surrounding the cake... Ya I really didn't want to ever associate myself to making one of those so start from scratch I did. At least the end result looked good. My blood pressure cant handle many more pink cakes.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scuba Diver Cake

Here is the second cake I had for pick up this morning. This cake had hours and hours of work. The diver took hours because of the putting a bit together and then waiting for it to dry or harden up a bit and then adding some more. A lot of back and forth. The cake had to be large enough for 50 guests. It was a 6", 8" and a small 9"x13" slab. The entire cake was Red Velvet and was drizzled with Royal Chambord, filled with Raspberry filling and iced with Cream Cheese. I had wished that I had made a 4" cake for myself :( Such a good flavor combo. Anyways here is some pictures of the cake and a closeup on the sign that I tried to look like wood(first time attempting this).

The entire cake

The wood sign

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

One of the cakes I made for pick up this morning. This cake was Strawberries 'n' Cream cake with Marshmallow filling. Outside was covered in Vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and Fondant decorations. Alexia's 4th birthday! Her mom was putting a strawberry shortcake cake topper on top so I had to leave room for that.