Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Cute Recipe Box's

So last weekend I went to Michael's excited with coupon in hand to go get somthing new for a great price. Well I notice they had this new isle with various bins filled with little nick nacks and what not. To my surprise I came across this little beauty! I have looking for a recipe box on and off for awhile now. I currently use a recipe binder but wanted a box to start placing my favorite most comonly used recipes. This box was $3.00!! and super cute :) Then they have matching recipe cards for $1.50 a pack! I seriously was blown away by the cheap cuteness of this. They had another adorable one that was white with pink, teal, and brown measuring cups, beaters and other baking things on it. It was actually a really tough choice. Especially since my kitchen is cream and pinky/purple. I thought I would share this great deal with you all in case you are like me in need of a cute recipe box for a great price. I also figured if I took a picture of a cupcake beside it, it would still fit in with the theme of the blog :)

My new recipe box!

Here it is flipped open :)

The matching cards I got.


ellecupcake said...

oh my gosh! It even comes with cards!!?? That is VERY cute! Just the box alone.. and then BAM! You get cute cards!

Frostedbetty said...

LOL, I was thrilled when I came across this :)

Nancy said...

This is absolutely adorable. My daughter is getting married in July and this bird is the same as on her wedding invitations. Do you know if Michael's still has them or do you know who makes them?

Shirley B Stephens said...

Love the glossy exterior and the color combination. Does it come with the recipe cards?