Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wedding Cake

I had a Wedding Cake I was working on all day Friday and most of today for a client. As some of you know I was on a mission searching high and low for a 14" pan and wasn't able to find one. So I ended up renting a 16" and then cutting down the sides. I hate doing that, its such a waste but I was hooped. Also I had a incident with 2, 16" cakes, so I actually ended up wasting alot more then just sides. Here are some photos of what the last two days have looked like for me :)

Here is the ridiculously huge 16" pan

Here it is baked. Let's just say I ended up making 4 of these instead of 2....

Here they are stacked.

At this point I think I had made 6 batches of Swiss meringue.

Just about done!

Finished!! Yay!


ForeverAlways said...

That cakes looks wonderful. Sorry about having to cut down the sides. My husband and I would of helped out and ate it for you then it wouldn't be wasted.

Frostedbetty said...

Hahaha... Thank you :)