Friday, April 10, 2009

Pink Wedding Cake

I am starting to get the feeling that pink cakes are cursed for me. I had a huge filling disaster last night. It was a product of too runny filling. I knew that if I didn't take the entire cake apart clean off all of the filling and start over that it would have turned into one of those bleeding cakes you seen horrific pictures of. Those used to be pretty cakes sitting on a table at the reception that have red filling oozing out from under the fondant icing.. by the end of the reception the entire table is red surrounding the cake... Ya I really didn't want to ever associate myself to making one of those so start from scratch I did. At least the end result looked good. My blood pressure cant handle many more pink cakes.


Sweet Things said...

Great recovery! I hate the do-overs, but sometimes you have to do it! The cake looks gorgeous!

veggievixen said...

great color! love the giant flower on top.

Frostedbetty said...

veggievixen: Thanks! The flower on top was artificial so I cant take credit for that other than picking it out :P

Sweet Things: I wasn't impressed having to take it appart and start over :( The end result was worth it though. I have a Chanel purse cake due in two weeks and Ive never done a purse cake before. Its for 10-15 people. Any pointers you could give me on purse cakes? Since yours is perfect and all :)