Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scuba Diver Cake

Here is the second cake I had for pick up this morning. This cake had hours and hours of work. The diver took hours because of the putting a bit together and then waiting for it to dry or harden up a bit and then adding some more. A lot of back and forth. The cake had to be large enough for 50 guests. It was a 6", 8" and a small 9"x13" slab. The entire cake was Red Velvet and was drizzled with Royal Chambord, filled with Raspberry filling and iced with Cream Cheese. I had wished that I had made a 4" cake for myself :( Such a good flavor combo. Anyways here is some pictures of the cake and a closeup on the sign that I tried to look like wood(first time attempting this).

The entire cake

The wood sign


veggievixen said...

that's adorable! it's like scuba steve :)

Frostedbetty said...

He was alot of fun to make, the only other figure I had ever made was the pixie on my pixie cake and I think he turned out much better. I guess ou pick up on things as you go along and it makes it easier knowing what will work and what wont work. :)