Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yikes, Clearly I'm behind on the blog posts!

Shame on me.. Not sure whats been keeping me so busy but clearly I have been slacking on the blog posts for the last couple weeks. My bad :( Well here are a few of the cakes I did the last two weekends. Two weekends ago I made a Chocolate cake with Chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream filled with cherry filling and a Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting for a wonderful twitter friend. Her husband had just come home from being away for a long time (Army) and she was having a small gathering of some close friends to welcome him back :)

Then last weekend I had a Wedding out in Devon I made a cake for. This cake completely stacked was probably over 60 pounds. Outrageous how heaving a cake becomes once you make a wooden cake base and the entire cake is covered in fondant. Fondant is soo heavy! Anyways, here is a couple pictures of it as well. Hope you all had a great 2 weeks and can account for your time better than I can :) LOL

The cake table setup

Chocolate Cake with Cherry filling covered in Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Carrot Cake covered and filled with Cream Cheese Icing


veggievixen said...

yummy! i love the look of the wedding cake. not overdone, and just beautiful!

Elle Bee... said...

That wedding cake is gorgeous. You do such great work.

Candice said...

beautiful wedding cake!! I love the details! you do amazing cakes!!